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Upcoming Pocket Linux release, numbered 3.00, and planned for late summer 2000, will have the following new features added:
- libc6 (glibc 2.1) compatible libc library
- easy mouse configuration
- PCMCIA network cards and modems support
- more beutyfying...
- hardware compatibility fixes
- kernel 2.4
- international fonts, keyboard layouts and messages
- dramatically enhanced supported network cards set
- dial-on-demand
- call-back dialling support
- support for CD-ROM and additional filesystems
- printing support
- additional network client programs
- DHCP support
- support for leased lines, including HIS
- ability to copy configurations between various versions of Pocket Linux
Further versions will contain:
- X Window support (separate distribution branch)
- complete set of client programs for popular services (including web browser, mail and news reader, IRC client (probably in 4.00)

If you have any other suggestions - write!

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