Downloading Pocket Linux

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Pocket Linux master site is:

- (Wroclaw, Poland)

Currently available mirror sites are:

- (Wroclaw, Poland; administrator - Coven)
- (Wroclaw, Poland; administrator - Coven)
- (Polska; administrator - Piotr Haberko)
- (Szczecin, Poland; administrator - Andrzej Nakonieczny)
- (Sweden; administrator - Kalle Kiviaho)
- (France; administrator - Franck Sinimale)
- (Australia; administrator - Jason Andrade)
- (Peru; administrator - Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon)
- (USA; administrator - Sam Chessman)

All mirrors are updated daily. There might also be some more mirrors I don't know about.

New versions are released irregularly, depending on development progress. Whenever the new version is released a notification is sent to:

- alt.coven newsgroup
- pl.comp.os.linux newsgroup
- pocket-linux discussion list
- FreshMeat

Pocket Linux is distributed as a floppy image file. It can be written to a floppy using standard unix command dd or DOS program rawrite (available in the distribution). See Install file provided with the images.

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